Groups Available

02 Feb 2023
2023 is bringing back the groups! This year we have our regular groups; hQ space plus the much talked about SPARK! returning in Term 2 & 4, plus Empower Hour running for the year! Check out our groups and workshops section to find out more!

As you may or may not be aware here at headspace Joondalup we have been running fortnightly groups using the Brief Interventions Toolkit from Orygen; called Empower Hour.

Well, we have revamped this to bring the community a new and improved Empower Hour weekly with redesigned material.

Every group is free and they do not need to be a young person of headspace to attend

Brave Against Bullying: Where courage meets compassion and resilience triumphs over adversity! This haven of support, empowering young minds to conquer the challenges of bullying and cultivate healthier and happier communities. We are igniting a revolution of kindness, one brave step at a time.

Be Beautifully You: Discover the reasons behind why we negatively judge our bodies. Learn how we can develop acceptance and appreciation for them.

Worrier to Warrior: Come and learn about how thoughts influence our mood and feelings. Learn strategies to break negative thoughts and feelings. Be a strong version of you!

Rising Above:  We rise above the challenges of depression as a united force, celebrating every victory and lifting each other higher. Together, we redefine what it means to thrive and prove that even the darkest storms can't dampen our spirits. Let's soar beyond the shadows and embrace a brighter future, hand in hand.

From Fury to Flow: Come down and learn about how thoughts influence our mood and feelings. Learn strategies to manage negative thoughts and feelings and break the cycle of low mood.

Solving Conflicts: Worrrying can be so tiring and annoying. Come down and find out the difference between worrying and problem-solving. Learn how to manage worry thoughts and practice problem-solving skills.

Zen Zone: Our modern lives can be so stressful. Come down and learn ways to chillax using your breath and sensory awareness .

Boundaries that Build:  Unleash your inner superhero as we embark on a thrilling adventure of self-discovery and genuine connections. Join our crew of young explorers as we navigate the fascinating realm of healthy relationships, armed with the superpower of setting boundaries.

Future Me: The future can be a scary a place to think about. Let's explore this together in a place where it is okay to be unsure. Through interactive workshops, inspiring discussions, and supportive connections, we'll navigate the labyrinth of work and study, equipping you with the skills, resilience, and confidence to embrace your unique journey.

Mental Health Marvels:  Join us for a wrap up of the last 10 weeks. We will provide a brief overview of what was covered (so don't worry if you missed any along the way). There will be food and drinks to celebrate the term and maybe a goodie or two to take home.