International Women's Day 2024

07 Mar 2024
headspace Coffs Harbour urges young women to create connections

This International Women’s Day, headspace Coffs Harbour is encouraging young women to explore opportunities for social connection in the community, as research finds they are more likely than their male peers to experience loneliness.

The headspace National Youth Mental Health Survey found two in three (67 per cent) young women felt left out often or some of the time, while more than three in five young women lacked companionship often or some of the time (62%) and felt isolated from others often or some of the time (61%).

Young women aged 18-21-years-old were found to experience loneliness more than any other age group of Australian young people. Almost 4 in 5 (79 per cent) 18-21-year-old women said that they sometimes or often feel left out, and 76 per cent responded that they sometimes or often feel they are lacking companionship and/or are feeling isolated from others.

Working on your relationships can improve your mental health by:

  • Boosting your energy
  • improving your sense of belonging
  • Helping you to relax
  • Helping you feel supported, including at workplaces, TAFE, school or uni.

headspace Centre Manager Suzanne O’Donnell said:


“Young adulthood is a time of major life transitions. When we go through changes - like leaving high school, moving out of the family home, or starting a career – we may feel disconnected from the people in our lives that we once saw very regularly.

The headspace Survey results tell us that this is particularly the case for women aged between 18 and 21, who are experiencing loneliness more than any other age group of young people.

Coping with loneliness can be tough. Although it can be hard reaching out to others to let them know what you’re going through, it can help you feel supported and less isolated.

We encourage all young people – but especially young women – to explore how they can create connections and get into life. Some ways you could grow your support network are by volunteering, checking out groups at your university or work, or exploring any clubs that focus on a hobby you enjoy.

Here at headspace Coffs Harbour, we encourage all young people to join us.

If you aren’t comfortable coming into the centre just yet, you can also check out headspace’s online group chats, where you can connect with peers and mental health professionals.

It's also important that community groups continue creating safe and welcoming environments where young women feel confident and valued. Providing opportunities for young women to explore their interests, share new ideas, participate in activities and connect with others benefits everyone.”

Young people aged 12 to 25, as well as their family and friends, can visit headspace Coffs Harbour for support. Help is also available via phone and online counselling service eheadspace seven days a week between 9am–1am (AEST). The number is 1800 650 890.