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Taylor Sheridan Interview for Bendigo's Got Talent

15 May 2020
YouTube Video


“When The Demons Come”


While we are busy promoting our first Bendigo’s Got Talent competition and applauding all of entrants on their amazing talent, we would like you to take a moment to watch Taylor Sheridan’s video of “When The Demons Come”.

We were grateful for the time Taylor took to share part of his amazing journey with us and share the stories of how his career started in his hometown of Kyneton.

Taylors first gig was at the ripe old age of 16 where he performed in front of over 800 people at a community event in Kyneton. He also entered local singing competitions including Harcourt Idol from ages 13 to 15 which lead to him entering many rural competitions. Taylor reminisces with fond memories of the opportunities that were given to him from being surrounded by the crazy talented musicians in Bendigo. You can feel the smile on his face when he speaks of the memorable gigs from a place, he calls his second home. Skip, Colin Thompson, Dave Dewar, and many more were very impressionable on him. The love and admiration he has for them was evident when he spoke of their commitment to their community. He is forever grateful for the support he received from everyone in our Bendigo community.

He studied music at Victoria University in Melbourne while hanging out at the local pubs in Melbourne to be surrounded by like minded musicians. He was a regular at Melbourne Public Bar and was committed to finally getting a gig in front of his peers. He was ready to take on those moments when the opportunities arose.

Taylors passion is evident when he makes a statement:

“Picking up a guitar and singing is as close to heaven you can get”

From there his career snowballed and he found himself opening the show for Taxi-Ride, Vanessa Amorosi and many more popular musicians. He was living his dream while staying connected with his social networks.

 By the time Taylor turned 28 he felt different, he did not feel genuine to who he was. It was quite apparent to him his lyrics were changing as he became confused, sad and carried a lot of shame and weight on his shoulders.

It was an uncomfortable subject to discuss how he was feeling, and it didn’t sit well with him.  Anxiety and depression seemed to be a bigger part of his life that absorbed so much of his time. Taylor opened up to his very supportive family and friends and recalls the incredible support he received from his mate from High School and his girlfriend at the time.

 He knew he had to invest in his own time and be himself again. He had to find himself by living and breathing his emotions.

“When you can stand up to yourself, for yourself, you are able to forgive yourself”. Remove self-doubt from your vocabulary and allow yourself 5 seconds of self-care. Work on yourself every day and forgive yourself of any self-doubt. Battling anxiety and depression has made me realize this is not a weakness as it takes incredible strength to get up and show up every day. Don’t ridicule yourself for it!

 Don’t slam yourself for your feelings! Find yourself!

Taylor works on himself everyday and finds his medication in his music and self-worth. Listen closely to the lyrics in the song and remind yourself every day, “Take the power back and breath again “.

It was an absolute pleasure chatting to Taylor and we wish him all of the success he deserves with the release of “When the Demons Come” video.

You are truly an inspiration Taylor Sheridan.