Connection Club Post Card of Gratitude

16 Jun 2020


The Connection Club would like to invite you to take part in connecting with someone who you would like to show your gratitude towards.

We would like to share our Post Card of Gratitude with everyone so we can connect, spread some kindness and make someone’s day.

The Post card can be saved and downloaded from our social media Platforms, printed or sent as an email. You get the opportunity to draw your own design on the front of the post card and write your message of gratitude on the back.

We are encouraging you to send the post card by mail, email or share the post card with members of your family. You could place the Post Card on the door of your local business that is currently closed due to COVID-19 to show your support or you could prepare a Post Card as a random act of kindness. We understand the difficult times we are all going through but we are encouraging positive interactions and connections with our family, friends and community members.

This is your chance to say: Thank you. I appreciate your support. Thanks for checking in on me. I am grateful for your friendship. Thanks for being a great home school teacher. Thanks for your understanding. Thank you for just being you.

Sometimes we don’t need a reason to show we care, this can be a random act of kindness to spread good news, spread some love and create positive relationships and connections.

You can save or download a blank copy of the Post Card here.


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