headspace day 2021 at headspace Bairnsdale

15 Oct 2021

October 6th 2021 was headspace day, the national day of support for the mental health and wellbeing of all young Australians!

Building on last year's theme "small steps everyday", this year's theme was "small steps start big things". Taking regular, small actions that form healthy habits can help manage feelings of isolation, lack of motivation, anxiety or stress. 

Spending 5 to 10 minutes each day on something you love helps you to slow down, create a routine, make a connection with someone or take a moment to breathe, can help build and maintain a healthy headspace. One of the ways headspace Bairnsdale & headspace Sale celebrated headspace day this year, was by holding an Instagram competition where young people shared some of the small steps they take each day to maintain a healthy headspace. Check out some of their responses! 

What small steps do you take to maintain a healthy headspace?/What are your favourite activities to get you into a healthy headspace?

  • “Journaling and crafting help calm my mind”

  • “Breath work, working out and roller blading (keeps me happy and motivated)”

  • “I always try my hardest to at least get out of bed for the day, even if it's just to go sit on my couch. And recently I've been playing lots of games and drawing, just doing things that help me recharge and relax :) I always try and eat and drink at least one thing per day, cooking things that interest me really help with that too”

  • “I withdraw from what is stressing me and I focus on something positive rather then negative such as something I’m thankful for like my family and friends. I tend to write poetry as it helps me put how I’m feeling down onto paper. If I feel uneasy I will have a shower because to me my shower is my safe place."

  • “Something I’ve been doing to get into a routine and stay healthy minded is cooking. I cook everyday for my family and it’s been such a fun thing to do to keep busy in these lockdowns!”

  • “Music”

  • “Going for my daily afternoon walk after work is a must”

  • “10 minutes of cardio”

  • “Hanging out with my cat Boss”

  • “Sit down and cuddle with my animals”

  • “Dancing around my room”

 3 lucky people from Bairnsdale and 3 people from Sale won an awesome prize pack, just for sharing! 

We also celebrated headspace day by hosting an in person DIY event where we took the "small steps start big things" literally by building miniature room kits. 


These kit were challenging, there are lots of small pieces to make that come together to create these complete rooms. We had some much fun trying something new and connecting face to face (and also enjoying some yummy snacks)!