Family and Friends: supporting a young person

Albury Wodonga
27 Aug 2021
You can't pour from an empty cup, re-fill it with mindfulness. The mental health and wellbeing of our young people is our focus, but what happens when their key adults are also exhausted?
An older man sitting in his garden on a bench speaking on his mobile phone.

headspace Albury Wodonga and headspace Wangaratta would love to congratulate and support all the family, friends, and trusted adults of your headspace young people. 

How can you support yourself to better support your young people?

Take time for your own mental health and wellbeing!

Practice mindfulness at home



1 - Go for a walk (Don't run, it's a trap!)

2 - Ring a friend you haven't spoken to in a while

3 - Make a music playlist (And subject your family to it)

4 - Take a break from the news and social media

5 - Declutter for 5 mins

6 - Learn some yoga and breathing exercises (Whatever you think, the pretzel is not for you)

7 - Watch or read something uplifting

8 - Check out a forum (headspace parents, Facebook groups, Reach Out)

9 - Learn something new

10 - Pick up an old hobby you've missed

Finally, every day take 10 mins out, just for you (This is not nap time, but you can have one of those too later)


Practicing mindfulness for yourself, helps everyone. Showing you're working on your mental health and taking time for yourself, allows young people to see healthy mental health relationships and strategies for themselves.

Taking time for you, is helping them


Check out the headspace Friends and family forum on eheadspace