headspace Albury Wodonga and headspace Wangaratta Say Yes to Voice and Recognition

Albury Wodonga
21 Sep 2023

headspace Albury Wodonga and headspace Wangaratta are proud to stand together in support of saying 'YES' in the 2023 Voice to Parliament Referendum.

Why 'YES'? Here's why:

✅ Recognition of First Nations People: We believe it’s time to change the Australian Constitution to recognise First Nations People as Australia’s First People. It's a crucial step towards acknowledging the deep-rooted history of this land.

✅ Establishing an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice (the Voice) to Parliament: The Voice to Parliament can pave the way for a more inclusive and equitable Australia. It's an essential step towards addressing the injustices experienced by First Nations people.

✅ Self-Determination Matters: Through conversations with community-controlled health services, Aboriginal-led organisations, and First Nations young people, we've learned that self-determination is critical to closing the gap. Supporting the Voice to Parliament is a step towards achieving this.

✅ Encouraging Informed Discussions: We understand that there are diverse views within Australian communities about this proposed change. We encourage all Australians to engage in informed, respectful discussions about the Voice to Parliament.

✅ Fighting Racism: It's disheartening to hear that First Nations young people have reported experiencing more racism during this debate. Racism must never be tolerated. As a mental health organisation, we are in solidarity with First Nations young people and their communities.

Together with Gateway Health and headspace Australia, we are committed to reconciliation and recognising the truth of Australia's history. The Uluru Statement from the Heart guides our position, and we invite all Australians to "walk with us in a movement of the Australian people for a better future."

Enshrining the Voice in the Australian Constitution is crucial to addressing the social, environmental, and economic determinants of health and well-being. It ensures that solutions are led and informed by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

We believe in inclusiveness and diversity and recognise the harm created through isolation and exclusion. As the referendum approaches, let's make it an opportunity for positive, inclusive, and respectful conversations while considering the human rights of all people.

We stand ready to support First Nations young people and their communities as we move towards a brighter, more inclusive future.