Monday Walk In Appointments

09 Jun 2021

Monday Walk-in Appointments

At headspace Albany, on Monday mornings we offer walk in appointments. These appointments are run using a Single Session model and will assist you to work on the issues that are most important to you. These appointments last for 60-90 minutes. We work with you to achieve as much as possible in the session. The appointment may be just for you, or with your family or a supportive friend.

What does walk-in mean?
Walk-in means you do not need to have an appointment booked prior to coming in. As we only have one clinician offering walk-in appointments, please be aware that these appointments are available on a first come, first served basis. This means you may have to wait until the clinician becomes available if they are seeing another young person. You’re welcome to make yourself a cup of tea or coffee and relax in our waiting room during this time.

Is a walk-in appointment right for me?
Each young person who arrives to headspace for a walk-in appointment is asked to complete a registration form with a couple of questions so we can make sure this type of appointment is best suited to you and your needs.

What happens after the walk-in appointment?
At the end of the appointment, we will provide you with a ‘take away’ document with some new skills/strategies to use. We will also arrange a follow-up telephone call at a time that works for you to see how you are doing and make a plan about where to next. This call will usually be a couple of weeks after the appointment, to give you time to use the skills from your session in day-to-day life and see how they help.

If the walk-in appointment provides enough help for the time being (which happens about half the time), you can re-contact us at any time in the future. At the follow up phone call you can ask for another Single Session appointment if you wish.

Other options may include joining one of our groups, seeing our youth friendly doctors or linking in with a care coordinator (who can assist you to go on the wait list for individual counselling, access work wellness vocational support or refer you to other local agencies).

If you have any questions, please give the intake team a call on 9842 9871.