headspace Albany centre friendliness audit 2023

08 Aug 2023
We want your feedback!

headspace Albany’s yearly Centre friendliness audit is open for your feedback! Young people and family and friends are encouraged to tell us about your experience at headspace Albany.

We ask that you complete a brief anonymous survey – to tell us if our centre environment makes you feel comfortable, welcome and included.

These surveys don’t just get filed away and ignored. They actually result in meaningful change.

Changes from past surveys include the tea and coffee station, plants in all our rooms, blinds to decrease the glare from windows, and us opening for a second late night a week. These all come from you using your voice to create a centre that meets all of your needs.

Since August 2019, these audits have changed the way we work and how we make sure we’re doing as much as possible to provide you with the best service.

Your experience at headspace Albany matters to us, so taking 3-5 minutes to complete an audit will make sure that you are part of the continuous conversation of making headspace Albany a safe and welcoming place for young people and their family and friends.

headspace Albany values your feedback in order to make sure that you feel supported by all of us. So have your say,  and please complete a questionnaire to help us help you.