Family and Friends News January 2019

14 Jan 2019
eheadspace Group Chat for FAF flyer Social Skills Jan 2019c2

Register for the 'Helping your young person develop social skills' group chat with eheadspace here:

Group Chat will commence at 4 pm WA time on Thursday, January 17th 

Social skills are key to a well functioning community and individuals with good social skills have a vital resource. Some of us easily develop good social skills but often young people will need support and assistance to learn how to relate to others in a constructive way. As a supportive adult you have an important part to play in assisting your young person with these skills. Join our online session to speak anonymously to our eheadspace clinicians and to hear from others as well as our Family and Youth Reference Groups members. Send us an email if you'd like to add a question before the chat: