Got a lot going on?

Things might feel uncertain right now – there’s a lot of changes happening in our lives and the way we can connect with people.

It can help to have a yarn with someone you trust, and do things that help you feel good – like get up and moving, connecting with culture and country, making sure you get a good sleep and are eating healthy food. Big or small, doing things that are good for your body, mind and spirit can all help you to feel strong and connected.



Below is some information that may help you or somebody else, when going through a hard time.

alcohol and drugs

strong and healthy relationships

stress and pressure

mental health is like a tree



Find out more about COVID-19 and other ideas to keep you feeling good.

work & study

headspace has Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander support staff who can help you with jobs and study.

group chats

check out group chats specifically for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people.

Below are some other places you might find support and information about looking after your wellbeing, especially in times of uncertainty.

Culture is Life


Healing Foundation



Here are some stories and experiences of other young people and how they have managed to get through tough times.