eheadspace is our national online and phone support service, staffed by experienced youth mental health professionals. 

It provides 12–25 year olds, and their family and friends, a safe, secure and anonymous place to talk to a professional – whenever they need, wherever they are. Since we started eheadspace in 2011, it has grown in popularity with young people across Australia. Not surprisingly, many young people feel more comfortable accessing our services online or by phone.

How it works

eheadspace offers an end-to-end, high quality clinical experience – either online or by phone. It provides young people with a safe place to access confidential and free support.


  • Extended hours. Young people can access eheadspace from 9am-1am Victorian time, seven days per week.
  • Expert support. When young people use eheadspace, they speak with highly qualified and experienced clinical mental health professionals.
  • Tailored service. Whether it’s speaking one-on-one with a clinician, joining a clinician-led online group chat or accessing a range of self-help content, young people can use eheadspace in a way that works for them.

"I just wanted to say a big thank you to eheadspace for helping me with coming out to my parents about me being bisexual. eheadspace helped me with ways that I could tell them, and in the end it payed off. Now I feel like I can relax because I feel like I have a weight lifted off my shoulders.

- Dylan, 14

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