Work and Study Programs

headspace Work and Study Programs support 15-25-year-olds to plan a career, find employment or work towards further education – in a highly accessible, confidential and youth-friendly environment.

From one-on-one support with a careers specialist to linking in with industry-specific mentors, our work and study programs provide free, expert and tailored support.

The service exists to support young people whose work and study activities have been impacted by mental health, especially for those young people who are not eligible for traditional employment services or are not receiving the level of support they need from these services. And they are delivered online or over the phone to ensure that all young people, wherever they live, can take part.

Most importantly, our programs can be integrated with headspace mental health services.

Work and Study Service

The Work and Study Service helps young people access rewarding and sustainable work - which can greatly improve their self-confidence and mental health.

Once enrolled in the program, young people are connected with an expert Work and Study Specialist. Sessions happens via email, webchat and phone and are designed to help with:

  • identifying and tailoring individual career plans.
  • writing resumes, job searching, and contacting and collaborating with employers.
  • planning, preparing and practising for interviews.
  • navigating the employment services system and Centrelink
  • exploring suitable education options and sourcing financial support for education.
  • skills to manage mental health challenges in a work or study environment
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Career Mentoring Service

headspace can also provide young people with online access to a personal career Mentor, who can help them find, secure and maintain work. Our mentors are volunteers who work in a variety of fields and are matched with a young person based on their specific career interests.

Young people work with a mentor for a period of six months. The monthly Mentoring sessions occur online or via the phone, making the service highly accessible.

Mentors can help young people:

  • develop job seeking and industry-specific skills
  • access industry specific advice around work, employer expectations and career progression.
  • grow professional networks and learn how to reach out to other professionals.
  • understand the recruitment process in specific industries and improve application and interview skills     
  • improve professional communication skills and build their career confidence.

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