our international impact

Our impact in Australia has led to international interest, and we are regularly approached from across the world to share our experience in establishing services that meet the needs of young people. headspace strongly believes that all young people deserve access to services that support them to be mentally healthy and engaged in their communities so where we are able, we provide guidance and our experience to help establish youth mental health services globally.

Over time, we have seen our influence spread as far as Denmark, Israel, Iceland and the USA, and these countries all now have services that are supporting young people in their local communities, inspired by – and adapted from – the Australian headspace model. 

Some of these services were established as far back as 2014 under the name ‘headspace’, but other than sharing a name, a logo, and a commitment to the mental health of young people, these organisations are entirely independent of headspace National Youth Mental Health Foundation.  Funded by the Australian government, we have only ever had operations within Australia.

headspace shares valuable relationships with our international partners Foundry (British Columbia, Canada) and Jigsaw (Ireland), with whom we learn, collaborate, and innovate. Through these collaborations we explore common problems and aim to find local solutions to global challenges facing young people today. 

headspace Australia will continue to engage with and learn from organisations across the world to deliver high quality, evidence-informed services to support young people to be mentally healthy and engaged with their communities.  


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