The virtual Big Stigma is now live

Last week at Melbourne’s Southern Cross station, the physical installation of the Big Stigma was torn down by commuters and the public, which represented a direct link to the stigma attached to seeking help for mental health issues. Supporters on social media also spread the message with the hashtag #thebigstigma.

To encourage further interaction with breaking down the stigma, we have officially launched the campaign online at Supporters can visit the website, read personal stories from young people, break down the stigma interactively and share the message across their network on social media.

Each year, 4 in every 16 young people in Australia will experience a mental health issue, however 3 of those 4 won’t seek the help they need.

Stigma plays a major role for young people when seeking help if they’re going through a tough time. We’re encouraging everyone to help tear down the stigma for good.

The more we share, the more we talk, the more we tear it down.

Let’s continue to spread the message.

Visit for more details.