statement on the conflict in Palestine and Israel

This statement is attributed to headspace National:

As the national youth mental health foundation, headspace knows that the crisis in Palestine and Israel is significantly impacting the lives, health and wellbeing of young people.

We know that for young people around the world, the ongoing conflict is causing feelings of fear, anger, grief, loss, guilt and helplessness.

In Australia, this is particularly the case for young people who belong to the Palestinian and Jewish communities, many of whom have loved ones living in the war zone, or loved ones that have been killed, injured or displaced in the conflict.

Rising incidents of anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and anti-Palestinian rhetoric are exacerbating this already distressing time for young people, their families and communities.

All young people deserve to live in peace, free from racism, hatred and violence.

We want young people in Australia from all backgrounds to know that headspace is here to support them to navigate the impacts of this crisis - now, and into the future.

Young people who need support can visit their nearest headspace centre, or access online and phone counselling service eheadspace.

We also encourage young people having a difficult time to take small, everyday steps to help them feel strong, including:

  • Taking a break from the news cycle and social media when it is making us feel worse
  • Keeping connected to family, friends and their community
  • Being a part of the response effort. It can help young people to feel a sense of purpose and hope

We commend the work that headspace staff across the country are doing to support young people and families impacted by this conflict. We understand that this is also a tough time for staff in the headspace network, and we encourage them to take steps to maintain their mental health and wellbeing.

headspace continues to stand with young people. We stand for peace.