Social Media - Terms of Use

Please be respectful of all points of view, and refrain from personal attacks on other users.

headspace will remove any posts which:

1.            are likely to be offensive to other readers

2.            discusses methods or depicts images of suicide or self-harm

3.            discussed drug usage in an unbalanced way, e.g. omit the negative effects

4.            contains unhelpful advice, such as blaming a person for their depression

5.            is dogmatic, such as setting out courses of action as “the only way”

6.            is racist, sexist or discriminatory

7.            is obscene, or uses graphic sexual language

8.            is defamatory, or overly critical of services or organisations which provide help to others

9.            for any other reason is likely to cause harm / distress to other young people reading the story

10.          are posted for commercial purposes

11.          promote inaccurate, inappropriate or harmful health advice.

headspace recognises that sometimes people need immediate help and support. The headspace social media pages do not provide counselling or crisis services. If you need immediate assistance, please call Kids Helpline on 1800 55 1800 or Lifeline on 13 11 14.

If a post on a headspace social media page indicates a person may be at risk of harm, headspace will reply to the post as soon as possible and provide information on counselling and crisis support services. In some instances headspace may report a post which indicates a person may be at risk of harm to authorities, including the police.

headspace can take no responsibility for comments from followers on headspace social media platforms.

headspace does not check for new stories and comments over the weekend or on public holidays.