New research uncovered by Chaos Media

New research commissioned by Chaos Media reveals that two-thirds (61%) of Australians donate to charities or not-for-profit (NFP) organisations. The analysis also revealed that the main reason Australians donate is trust in the organisation.

Glenda Wynyard, co-founder of Chaos Media says “The media plays an integral part in driving awareness for charities to educate people about the importance of their cause and why donations are critical. To be effective, charities need to find creative ways to connect with the public to make their voices heard.”

Michael Bennett, Media and Communications Manager for headspace says “We find that many of our donors and volunteers are often driven by personal experiences and feel a strong motivation to support a cause that has affected themselves or their families.”

Ms. Wynyard and Mr. Bennett spoke to ABC Radio (Sydney) about donations to NFP's and headspace. Listen to their interview by Wendy Harmer here.