Lifeline and headspace join forces through The Push Up Challenge

Two of Australia’s leading mental health charities join forces through The Push-Up Challenge to put the spotlight on mental health

Following a year like no other, The Push-Up Challenge is proud to announce partnerships with two of Australia’s most reputable mental health organisations, headspace National Youth Mental Health Foundation and Lifeline Australia.

With COVID-19 having a significant impact on the mental health of Australians, The Push-Up Challenge, headspace and Lifeline are taking a stand to raise awareness of the mental health issues affecting everyday Australians.

Together they are challenging individuals, workplaces, schools, gyms and clubs to join the ‘push for better mental health’ and complete 3,318 push-ups over 25 days in June. 3,318 tragically represents the number of people who lost their lives to suicide in Australia in 2019.

Both headspace and Lifeline will be supported by funds raised through The Push-Up Challenge which has participants completing push-ups and engaging their mental health through connection, physical activity and education.

The Push-Up Challenge Founder and CEO, Nick Hudson said “We are beyond proud to be supporting headspace and Lifeline and collaborating with them to positively impact mental health in Australia. As part of our event, we hope to engage Australians in open conversations about mental health, encourage physical activity, foster connection and raise funds for these vital mental health services."

Jason Trethowan, CEO of headspace said “We’re so proud to be partnering with The Push-Up Challenge and Lifeline as we work together to help ensure all Australians get the help and support they need when they experience mental health issues. With suicide remaining the leading cause of death for young people, the Push-Up Challenge is an initiative close to our hearts at headspace. We look forward to working together to encourage people from across Australia to get active, raise awareness and shatter the stigma surrounding mental health."

Colin Seery, CEO of Lifeline said “Lifeline Australia are delighted to be joining headspace and The Push-Up Challenge with this initiative to encourage Australians to connect through exercise and learn more about the importance of maintaining mental wellbeing. Lifeline collaborates frequently with headspace to ensure our services can best support the mental health needs of young Australians and those over 25 years. We look forward to working with The Push-Up Challenge and the many Australians who participate this year to help prevent suicide. It’s through working together that we can best save lives.

Each day, participants push-up while learning about mental health, with the number of push-ups changing day to day to reflect a vital mental health statistic. For example, 201 push-ups because ‘At any one moment, approximately 20.1% of Australians are living with mental ill health. That’s 1/5.

Perth engineer Nick Hudson founded The Push-Up Challenge, a nationwide mental health initiative which has grown from 4 mates in 2017 to Australia’s largest mental health and fitness event. In 2020, 130,000 participants collectively completed over 121 million push-ups and raised $5.1 million for mental health.

  • About the Push-Up Challenge
    The Push-Up Challenge is a free event which runs from the 1st – 25th of June.
  • Participants are challenged to complete 3,318 push-ups over 25 days, representing the number of people who lost their lives to suicide in Australia in 2019.
  • Participants can aim for 25%, 50%, 75% or 3,318.
  • Alternatives to push-ups are welcome (like sit-ups or squats).
  • Participants, workplaces, clubs, gyms and schools can register their interest in participating now: