headspace reminds young people receiving year 12 results to look after their mental health

As school leavers begin receiving their final exam results this week, headspace is reminding year 12 students and their families to look after their mental health during this time.

headspace Vocational Programs Manager Carolyn Watts said this time of year can bring increased feelings of stress and uncertainty for many young people worried about how their performance will impact future goals. 

But she encouraged young people to remember what they’d achieved despite the disruptions brought on by COVID-19.

“It’s important to remember that 2020 and 2021 were years unlike any other we’ve experienced as a community and the additional challenges felt by young people should not be underestimated,” Watts said.

“Despite being among those hit hardest by COVID-19 and lockdowns, young people have displayed tremendous resilience and they should be congratulated for their efforts during this challenging time.

“Remember there are many ways to achieve your goals.

“I encourage young people to be kind to themselves at this time of year, regardless of the results they achieve. They should take the time and space they need to recharge, and to spend time with friends and family from whom they were separated in 2021.”

Watts pointed out this can be an important time for young people to ask for help, not only through their personal networks but through services like headspace.

“If you feel like you’re looking for additional support on what you might do next - it’s important to remember that there is help available,” she said.

“headspace Work and Study and headspace Career Mentoring provide personalised support to help young people build their confidence, explore employment and educational opportunities and to develop job seeking skills.

“Parents, families and friends can also be a big support for young people during this period of change, by providing reassurance, support and perspective. They can encourage young people to do things that promote a healthy headspace, including: keeping active; getting good sleep, and maintaining social connections.”

Young people who might be concerned about work or study can get free and confidential support from the work and study specialists at headspace.