headspace chosen as FGG non profit

headspace has been chosen as Future Generation Global Company supported non-profit. This will provide added funding to headspace as well as creating wealth for FGG shareholders.  

Future Generation Global Company (FGG) is Australia’s first internationally focused listed investment company (LIC) with the dual objectives of changing the lives of young Australians affected by mental illness while also providing shareholders with diversified exposure to selected global fund managers. 

FGG offers investors the opportunity to gain unprecedented access to Australia’s most prominent global fund managers – a number of whom are closed or not accessible to retail investors – through a single ASX-listed investment vehicle. The Company charges 0.0% management fees and 0.0% performance fees.

Fund managers are managing the capital entirely pro-bono so that 1.0% of net assets each year can be donated to Australian non-profits committed to young Australians affected by mental health issues. 

headspace is one of nine non-profits that have been selected to receive this donation. 

FGG is hoping to raise $550million by the time it lists in September, which means each year, $5.5million will be donated to headspace and eight other Australian non-profits who are working to support young Australians affected with mental health issues. 

FGG is determined to transform youth mental health by driving philanthropic investment in three core areas:

  • Helping the community understand the issue
  • Investing in the most effective programs and service
  • Enabling investment in research and development. 

At the end of each financial year, if you were a shareholder in FGG you will be able to nominate how you would like your 1% of net tangible assets allocated by specifying the non-profit you would like it directed to. As headspace is a nominated FGG non-profit you could dedicate all or part of your 1% to headspace. It is anticipated that shareholders will also be able to donate their dividends to the FGG non-profits. Shareholders are directly responsible for capital being directed to change lives and create impact. Being a shareholder in the Company changes the lives of young Australians who are affected by mental illness.  

To learn more about how you can be part of this dual objective visit: http://www.futuregeninvest.com.au/Global/prospectus.pdf