eheadspace live info session: online gaming - how much is too much?

Over the years there's been an increase in young people using the internet and online technology to engage and communicate with each other.

Playing online and video games have also become more popular and with improved graphics and faster internet, young people are spending longer hours online gaming.

This can have an effect on their eating and sleeping patterns, school or work performance and relationships with other people which in turn can affect their overall health and wellbeing.

It can be difficult to understand or to talk to your young person about their game use and sometimes, they may not see it as a problem.

Take this opportunity to speak anonymously online to our mental health professionals and headspace Youth National Reference Group members and hear from others about their concerns and experiences with young people and online gaming.

Join us on Thursday 16 April from 5.00-6.00pm (AEST) for a live web chat.