eheadspace live info session: dealing with relationship break ups

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Relationships break up for lots of reasons. Often it’s no-one’s fault and nobody is to blame – instead, things just aren’t working out.

Whether you did the breaking up or you’re the one who was broken up with, it can bring on a range of difficult feelings such as denial, sadness, guilt, anger or fear. It’s normal to experience these feelings and it can take time to get over the loss of a relationship.

You might also find yourself in situations where you don’t know how to break up with someone, you don’t know what to do when your ex moves on or when to start a new relationship.

Take this opportunity to speak anonymously online to our mental health professionals and hear from other young people about their experiences and questions around relationship break ups.

Join us on Thursday 20 August from 5.00-6.00pm (AEST) for a live web chat.