COVID-19 and headspace


The Australian Government has announced emergency health plans in response to COVID-19 and the World Health Organization has now declared it a pandemic.

To reduce risk and ensure safety of the centre and the community, headspace is encouraging young people and family and friends to not attend the centre if they have mild respiratory symptoms including, runny nose, sore throat, cough, or fever and instead get in touch by phone with regard to seeking support for their mental health. 

Supporting young people in challenging times is crucial and headspace is dedicated to ensuring that those who need it can access help.

We encourage young people, family and friends, and staff to seek advice from a local community general practice or from government advice lines services such as healthdirect/coronavirus.

We will continue to closely monitor the rapidly changing landscape in relation to COVID-19, and will work with you and your PHNs to keep the community informed about any changes in capacity. Our priorities remain our ability to provide services for young people and family and friends, and also the wellbeing of our staff and the local community. We will be working to maintain service continuity and access throughout this time.

For young people potentially experience feelings of stress related to COVID-19, headspace has developed information which might be helpful to manage any changes to daily life as a result of containment measures.

Further information on how to cope with stress related to COVID-19.  

The latest medical information is changing on a daily basis so if you suspect you are at risk, or would simply like to understand COVID-19 more, visit the Department of Health’s site here.