Australia’s biggest online event – how will you complete the Census?

Conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) every five years, the Census counts every person and household in Australia. More than 10 million dwellings and approximately 24 million people will be counted. More significantly, it is expected that approximately 15 million people will complete the Census online, potentially making it one of the largest online events in Australian history.

Data collected from the Census helps community organisations governments and businesses to plan for services and facilities such as housing, healthcare and education. The information people provide is crucial in making a difference to our future.

If you live in a share house, make sure you’re included on the online household form, or ask for a personal login by calling 1300 214 531.

The personal information collected for the Census is not shared with anyone, including other government departments or agencies, such as the Police, Housing, the Australia Tax Office Or Centrelink. By law, Census staff are not allowed to share personal information collected in the Census.

So, how will you complete the Census on August 9?

For more information, go to or call 1300 214 531.