Ash London joins headspace

Channel 11 presenter Ash London says the suicide of a family member in her teenage years was one of the main reasons she has joined forces with headspace to help young people going through a tough time get the support they need.

To coincide with mental health week, which runs 7 - 14 October, Ash has filmed a video explaining how important it is for young Australians to feel supported during difficult periods in their lives.

As well as losing a family member to suicide, Ash has recently supported a close friend suffering from depression.

"A close friend of mine was recently struggling with depression and I found myself helping her through a really dark time. Because she had the guts to say she wasn't okay I was able to help her get in touch with the right people and get the help she needed," said Ash.

Through her work as an ambassador for headspace, Ash wants to make sure young people know how to look out for those around them while also taking care of themselves.

"It's important not to panic if a friend tells you they're not okay. Remember they're coming to you as a friend, not a professional. Because often that's the first step, talking to someone you love and trust."

"You're not there to solve all their problems but you can be there for them as a friend. There are places you can refer to, like headspace, so you aren't carrying all the burdens on your own."

Ash's ongoing partnership with headspace will be on a national and local community level. This will include speaking at schools and events, getting involved with headspace centre activities and participating in youth mental health campaigns.


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