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International Womens Day 2020: Young Women in Leadership

07 Mar 2020

IWD 2020 blog2

“Here’s to strong women.

 May we know them.

May we be them.

May we raise them.”


This year’s theme for International Women’s Day is #EachForEqual. At headspace Werribee we pride ourselves on ensuring that all genders of all ages, especially young women are treated equally.

This year we are lucky enough to have a leadership team within our Youth Advocacy Group (YAG) made up of three dedicated and successful young women. In this position of leadership, these women are empowered to achieve their goals and let their voices be heard. Their passion and involvement are consistently supported as they lead an amazing group of young volunteers who are determined to make change in the mental health sphere within the local community.

headspace Werribee aims to treat each individual with equality regardless of their gender, sexuality, religion or culture. We understand that collectively we can all make change in the world and to do so we must embrace all.

At Werribee we are honoured to have some amazing women from various cultures who work passionately within the mental health sphere aiming to give each young person they encounter with the same opportunities and respect as they deserve.

headspace Werribee chooses to be #EachForEqual. Join us in empowering all women and making changes to ensure gender equality is a reality.