Feeling Overwhelmed due to COVID-19?

13 May 2020

#timetopause: Feeling overwhelmed due to COVID-19?


Discussions about coronavirus or COVID-19 seem to be everywhere - in every conversation, workplace, newsfeed, and messaging app!

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed or worried about it all, and that is a pretty normal response. But, if it’s starting to make you feel distressed, then it’s likely #timetopause. 


So … how can I cope with these worries?

One way is through mindfulness and relaxation! 

Mindfulness is about being centred in the moment, and relaxation is releasing tension and anxiety. 


How can I practice mindfulness or relaxation?

  • You can download a mindfulness app! We recommend apps such as Smiling Mind (it’s free!)
  • You can listen to guides on Youtube such as:
  • Or, take some time to think about the things that help you relax! Some examples we have are:
    • Drinking a cup of tea
    • Lighting a scented candle
    • Settling down to watch a movie
    • Writing in a journal


Mindfulness and relaxation can look different for everyone! For more tips on how we can manage our mental health, check out our tips for coping with stress here, and try something new this week!


Blog post produced by: Maddy, Youth Advocate