Cheap Easy Meals

14 May 2020

Cooking @ Home

We know that right now, we might be finding ourselves with ingredients in the pantry but running out of inspiration for what to make.

Our Youth Advocate Anthea shares some cheap, easy meals that we can make whether we're in isolation, unsure of what to cook, or just need something quick and easy to eat! Below, we'll be sharing some tasty recipes over the coming weeks that are easy to whip up, fun to create and super comforting.

Just click on the images below to check out the recipes, have a go at re-creating them in the kitchen, and let us know how you go on socials by tagging us @headspacewerribee.


Vegetarian Lasagne

Cheap Easy Meals Lasagne



Spaghetti Bolognese (vegetarian option)

cheap easy meals spag bol