headspace Tweed Heads 'Metamorphosis' Art Showcase!

15 Dec 2023

Missed our headspace Tweed Heads 'Metamorphosis' Art Exhibition?

Our art exhibition was a huge success!!!

39+ Artists

92 Artworks

50 First Nation's Pieces

120+ Attendees

and 5+ supporters

We'll be continuing to showcase some of the amazing talent that was on display in the gallery right here on our website.

Thank you to our supporters: Bunyarabugalma Youth, Murwillumbah Community Centre, Biren Cultural Group and DJ L.exe! Click to check out their pages and the amazing work they do!

Check out each of the artists contacts if you're interested in learning more, exploring their work, or reaching out!
Archie, Ari, Benji Toms / Bazurqa, Charlie Lopes, Charli Shepherd, Claire White, Cohen Tierney, Daniel Serone, Elyus Productions, Lexi McDonald, Lola Manton, Luci Summers, Max Glover


She is beautiful, a goddess, a work of art.

Artwork: Mother Nature's Eyes

Nature's never not watching, through the eyes of her creations, through the touch of the grass, the taste of the rain, the feeling of the sun rays and so much more.



Artwork: Sketchbook


Benji Toms/Bazurqa

Instagram, Spotify, Tiktok & Apple Music: @bazurqa

Artwork: Dark Elf/ Propoganda
Acrylic and Murdoch cuttings on canvas. This piece is an exploration of the language used by centrist/ conservative media surrounding conflict, and the implications and agendas at play behind it. At the top, an American bomb falls on a besieged city. The side banner reads; "They turn the players against each other so the house always wins", which I believe to be particularly apt in light of Israel's ongoing genocide of the Palestinian people and in regards to the recent failed referendum for an Indigenous voice to Parliament.
The dark elf is a caricature of the warmongers and media moguls manipulating events behind the scenes.

Artwork: Ne Me Quitte Pas (Don't Leave Me)

This piece depicts a skeletal, disheveled male figure whispering to a monarch butterfly which has alighted on his hand. He implores the butterfly not to leave him, as its gentleness and beauty brings him peace, yet he knows that change is in the butterfly's nature, and he cannot control it.
Still, for a moment the butterfly lingers, inspiring in the figure a sense that he too must undergo a transformation in order to flourish

Charlie Lopes



Gender diversity is a constant battle, and one which shouldn’t have to be. Discovering your identity and becoming your true self should be a fun, enjoyable and deeply personal experience.

Artwork: The Silent T (and other letters): Visual Representing Gender Diverse Experience

Gender diversity is a constant battle, and one which shouldn’t have to be. Discovering your identity and becoming your true self should be a fun, enjoyable and deeply personal experience.
Unfortunately, for all of the progress being made in the area of LGBTQIA+ rights in Australia, the T in that acronym, and many other letters, are still hideously silent. Such societal prejudice and vilification are contributing factors to the alienation of the transgender community. Perhaps we can’t fix this systemic bias, but we can help the trans community to feel supported while the surrounding world questions their basic human rights.
The Silent T (and other letters) is an affirming resource the transgender community can retreat to when feeling overwhelmed. It also offers avenues to help others creators continue to share powerful, compelling and positive trans stories.
With the help of this project, we can celebrate the transgender experience and move towards a future where the T doesn’t have to be silent.

To learn more about this project visit:

Artwork: Rainbow Pride: Collection of Illustrations

By exploring the lives of LGBTQIA+ people we can support empowering representation. Having positive role models and visual resources has helped me to discover and experiment with my own gender identity.
This collection of artworks explore various illustration styles and mediums with the common goal of unpacking themes of LGBTQIA+ inclusion, love, hope and personal growth.


Charli Shepherd

Artwork: Town Twilight

A setting capturing the beauty of a town sunset

Artwork: Moonlight Romance

An intimate moment shared between a couple deeply in love

Artwork: Galactic Fantasy

A painting inspired by the intrigue of fantasies

Artwork: Safari Sunset

A painting created for my sickly mother, to remind her of our elephant safari ride and all those memories made in foreign countries

Artwork: The Elephant

(Eli) represents my mother's favourite gift, a stuffed elephant, and the bubbles represent a scene from her favourite movie, Dumbo.


Claire White

Social Media@claire.white_

Artwork: Kombumerri Saltwater Summer Artwork: Kombumerri Saltwater Summer - Zoomed


Strong Kombumerri family lines connected to the land of milk and honey hugged by pristine warm waters bountiful with nature's gifts. Patterned sand dancing in rhythm with ocean swell under an orchestra of twinkling evening kisses

Cohen Tierney

Contact: lara@mccentre.org.au

Artwork: Untitled Artwork: Untitled Artwork: Untitled



Daniel Serone

Dan believes a picture tells a thousand stories

Artwork: I Am More Than Meets The Eye

Daniel Serone is a young artist from the Ballina Area. He found his passion for art through his struggles with an intellectual disability. Dan has found a way to express himself and encourage others in a way that words can't. Dan believes a picture tells a thousand stories and he is excited to share his stories with the world.


Elyus Productions

Artwork: Untitled Artwork: Untitled Artwork: Untitled



Lexi McDonald


Artwork: Until the Race Ends

A poem about the race of life and the never ending cycle of life and death.


Lola Manton

Artwork: Home


Luci Summers

Artwork: Rooney and June

Artwork: Mermaid



Max Glover

Max's artworks showcase themes of rebirth, transition, peace, new life and survival.

Artwork: Bird of Wonder (Phoenix)

The phoenix is a symbol of rebirth, immortality, resurrection and transformation. This artwork expresses how we, like phoenixes, are resiliant and can grow from adversities.

Artwork: Willow

Willow trees can be rooted from cuttings. It's ability to grow and survive is powerfully symbolic and shows how we can thrive even in hardship.

Artwork: Crescent (Sky)

A waning crescent moon symbolises a time of self care, to find inner peace and reconnect with yourself before change (the lunar cycle) begins again.

Artwork: Rebirth (Crow)

Max's artworks are not based on the start and end of metamorphosis but rather the transition and growth you go through with change.