Team spotlight: Q&A with Pat

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Say g'day to Pat, another member of the headspace Penrith crew. Reading through his awesome answers on how to value your mind, you would never guess he's just a bit camera shy! 

1. How do you value your mind?

I try to value my mind by keeping busy in what I think is important. I think an occupied mind is a valued one; so I keep myself occupied by reading, playing music, and speaking to friends and family.

2. What’s your no. 1 tip to stress less?

To remind myself that I’ve coped with stress before, and, more than likely, anything that I’m stressed about now probably won’t matter to me in a year's time.

3. Tell us your fave (or quirkiest) thing to do to relax?

I have one really boring thing that helps me relax; cooking. However, a slightly quirkier thing that helps me to stress-less is listening to an album, from start to finish. I recommend anything by the Beatles!

4. With so many “life” things we have to do, how do you make time for you?

Scheduling, and ensuring that I book enjoyable activities in ahead of time. That can be socialising with friends, scheduling in exercise, and trying to leave work on time. However, making time for me can be kinda hard. I think it’s important to be mindful of all the times that we can make “me time”. For me, that can be on the drive to and from work; I listen to podcasts, and I think that’s really helpful for me. That can just be time for me.

5. Spill your best pick me up trick?

My best pick me up trick is to tell a really, really horrible joke to a friend or family member. Guaranteed to make me feel better

6. A positive thought that keeps you going?

A positive thought that keeps me going is a quote I heard by Bob Dylan, ages ago, “all I can do is be me”. I think it’s important to accept who we are

7. What is the most positive thing you have done today?

Gave one of my colleagues a high-five!

8. What are 3 things you do daily for yourself?

Read a book, listen to music, laugh.

9. What empowers you to be motivated every day?

I’m empowered by my work, I believe in the work I am lucky enough to do with headspace, and it’s really empowering to know that we are making a difference.