Team spotlight: Q&A with Kelley

Kelley Phillips pic1. How do you value your mind?

I value my mind by letting it be creative! I love to daydream. I like to try and be innovative and come up with new ideas, particularly at headspace.

2. What’s your no. 1 tip to stress less?

When I feel stressed I put on my favourite songs and sing along to them really loudly. I don’t even care what I sound like. I think my neighbours might though lol. 

3. Tell us your fave (or quirkiest) thing to do to relax?

My favourite ways to relax are playing board games, drinking delicious tea, reading comic books and taking bubble baths. The quirkiest thing I do is serenade my dogs with songs I make up about them. Like “Missy is a sausage dog, she looks like a log….” (I know its super daggy). 

4. With so many “life” things we have to do, how do you make time for you?

I think making the little things count. For example  I don’t just make a cup of tea, I make like an epic cup of some awesome flavoured concoction and put it in appealing cup and make sure I mindfully drink it. I value myself by taking the time to enjoy these little pleasures in life. 

5. Spill your best pick me up trick?

Watching cute dog videos on Youtube.

6. A positive thought that keeps you going?

Staying focused on the end game. If I am stressed about something I have do, I imagine how I will feel when it’s done. It keeps me motivated. 

7. What is the most positive thing you have done today?

I got up early and took my dogs for a walk and kicked off the day with an awesome green smoothie. 

8. What are 3 things you do daily for yourself?

Laugh out loud, like actually laugh not lol! Wear nice perfume and sleep. 

9. What empowers you to be motivated every day? 

I love my life! I focus on all of the great things around me.