Team Spotlight: Michael and Dell

Earlier this year, headspace Penrith announced the commencement of the Individual Placement and Support Program (IPS). 

The IPS model integrates employment and vocational support with clinical mental health and non-vocational support, and focuses on individual needs of people with mental illness who are seeking to remain in education or employment.


We are pleased to announce Michael Dalton(left) and Dell Froio(right) as our new Vocational Specialist and Senior Vocational Specialist!

Last week we got to ask Michael and Dell a couple of 'get to know you' questions....

1. How do you value your mind?

Michael: I like to make sure that I’m aware of my thoughts and feelings, and to understand the how and why of where I’m at. It gives me the opportunity to learn what I can do to take steps in the right direction to improve myself.

Dell: I trust in my own thoughts and feelings and listen to my body This lets me know what I need to be doing to improve my current thoughts and feeling to look after my hole entire self as I look after so many others. 

2. What’s your no. 1 tip to stress less?

Michael: Learn how to take a 5 minute break from a stressful situation and do something you enjoy, give yourself some time to come back and look at things from a new perspective.

Dell: Exercise: My stress level decrease when i am at the gym or coaching a rugby league team.

3. Tell us your fave (or quirkiest) thing to do to relax

Michael: I’m a big fan of games! Anything board game, card game, or video game related is one of my favourite ways to relax.

Dell: Meditation and natural therapies I should have been born in the 60's.

4. With so many “life” things we have to do, how do you make time for you?

Michael: I do my best to organise my time throughout the week to give myself some “me” time, where I can just read something interesting, play some music, or play a favourite videogame.

Dell: Structure and routine are the key factors in my life as my personal life is as busy as my working life I have therapeutic crystal healing massage once a fortnight without fail.

5. Spill your best pick me up trick

Michael: Catching up with some friends and having an iced coffee.

Dell: Music

6. A positive thought that keeps you going?

Michael: It’s okay if you make mistakes – you get the chance to learn and grow from the experience.

Dell: Try to let go of control of everything and just go with the moment.

7. What is the most positive thing you have done today?

Michael: Set myself some goals for the future.

Dell:  I had a huge bowl of fresh fruit and muesli for breakfast.

   8. What empowers you to be motivated every day?

MichaelBeing part of a team that helps promote health and wellbeing, and that one person is able to make a difference in the lives of others and their community.

Dell: My beautiful son that has his own struggles every day but gets through them.