Team spotlight: Q&A with Emma

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The theme "Value your Mind" of this year's Mental Health Month definitely got us thinking. How does the team at headspace Penrith value our minds every day?

Meet Emma, one of our awesome Team Leaders at headspace Penrith, as she reveals some of her own self-care secrets...

1. How do you value your mind?

I try to be in tune with what’s going on in my head. This lets me know when I’m not doing well, or when something is really bothering me. It’s a skill I first learnt through mindfulness meditation.

2. What’s your no. 1 tip to stress less?

Exercise. I notice my stress levels increase if I’m skipping bodypump.

3. Tell us your fave (or quirkiest) thing to do to relax?

The most boring thing is playing Sudoku on my phone. The weirdest is scuba-diving.

4. With so many “life” things we have to do, how do you make time for you?

I have a good routine and try to stick to it no matter what. For example every Sat morning my best friend and I go to the gym and them have brunch afterwards. Something has to be seriously wrong for either of us to deviate from this routine.

5. Spill your best pick me up trick?

Watching an upbeat 90’s movie.

6. A positive thought that keeps you going?

Trying to let go of perfectionism and just be myself.

7. What is the most positive thing you have done today?

I ate a delicious healthy bean salad for lunch!

8. What are 3 things you do daily for yourself?

Try and get sleep, find things funny, take a long shower.

9. What empowers you to be motivated every day?

I believe in headspace and the difference we are making in the community.