Workshopping at Craigslea State High School

Over the past few months, Social Inclusion Coordinator, Fiona, and Social Work student, Janet, have been working with the wonderful students at Craigslea State High School. The Year 12 students participated in a series of short practical workshops over three sessions, learning mindfulness, wellbeing skills and practical tips for life after school; including careers, budgeting and navigating Australia’s healthcare system. After the year that the grade 12’s have had, completing their final year of schooling online and missing out on traditional celebratory milestones, the skills shared and question time was welcomed and appreciated, preparing to step out into the world after so many years of schooling! 

Selected Year 8, 9 & 10 students also took part in a half-day workshop focused on wellbeing skills such as mindfulness, healthy thinking, mastering moods and anger management. This smaller group created a great atmosphere for all students involved to participate and ask questions. Janet and Fiona were blown away by the insight and bright futures for all involved. The students are very lucky to have a fantastic team of teachers looking out for them.