Food for Thought Program

food for thought capture

The following list contains typical examples of thoughts and behaviours that young people with eating, weight and shape concerns may experience. 

Do you:

  • Go for long periods of time without eating?
  • Think about food so much that it interferes with your ability to concentrate?
  • Become so worried that you can’t eat?
  • Worry that you have no control over how much you eat?
  • Follow strict rules or feel guilty about eating?
  • Engage in deliberate actions to control your weight, such as extreme exercise regime?
  • Focus on your body weight and shape so much it controls your life and stops you doing things?
  • Avoid social situations because of food?
  • Worry other people are judging you on your weight or appearance?
  • Feel dizzy or lightheaded because you haven’t eaten?

 If you answered yes to any or all of these questions the Food For Thought Program, headspace Newcastle may be right for you. Evidence shows that getting help early, to improve your relationship with food, and how you feel about your body, can change your life.

For some people, we may recommend additional support from a GP, particularly if your eating patterns are starting to affect your physical health. If you are interested in finding out more about this program please contact headspace Intake:

 Phone: (02) 49 29 4201 (Mon – Fri: 9am- 4.30pm)


Fax: (02) 49 25 2864


For urgent assistance:

headspace Newcastle is not a crisis service. If you require urgent assistance, please call 000, attend your nearest Emergency Department or contact the NSW health Mental Health line in 1800 011 511.