This booklet is brought to you by Alphabet Soup, headspace Mildura’s LGBTQIA+ youth social support group.

This forms the first of a two-part series published across 2020-2021 both digitally and in print. The booklet is written by Alphabet
Soup group members with the first component focussing on the personal journey/perspectives of LGBTQIA+ young people and with the second component focussing on LGBTQIA+ resources/supports and pathways for local queer people.

headspace Mildura are proud to have been able to support Alphabet Soup in delivering this booklet in the hope that it will help raise awareness, knowledge, and understanding of the local Mildura queer community, as well as help connect LGBTQIA+ youth to reduce feelings of isolation and promote a sense of belonging and support.

A special thank you to Transgender Victoria who has sponsored this issue through their SPARK project grant.

Click here to access the digital copy of the booklet