Have you heard about Decks?!


Decks are an innovative new way for young people to interact with the headspace!

They are bite-sized modules of interactive content that encourage young people, family and friends to actively reflect on their own needs, engage in skill building and set meaningful goals to improve their mental health.

headspace consulted with young people, family and friends to better understand how they engage with online content and what they expect from accessing the headspace website. They reported that existing static web content wasn’t meeting their needs and that they wanted solutions-focused, skills-based material to help them handle life’s challenges, without needing to speak to a clinician.

‘Decks’ content is based on modules from the Orygen Brief Interventions In Youth Mental Health Toolkit and as such is clinically valid, relevant, solutions-focused and has been used and approved by young people in the headspace network.

The five ‘Decks’ focus on the topics below and are available by clicking on the headings.

  1.  understanding stress
  2.  staying active
  3.  sleep
  4.  understanding emotions
  5.  problem-solving