Our Work and Study Program - Bailey's Story

25 May 2023

Hear from Bailey, a success story from the program!

Bailey has been with headspace Meadowbrook for 5 months, and was referred to our Work and Study Program. The program has enabled Bailey to secure a traineeship and help improve his daily life. He's gained new skills and confidence to socialise with others, catch public transport and learn about the IT trade.

Bailey has worked closely with our Vocational Specialist, Aulagia throughout his time with headspace Meadowbrook. We are incredibly proud to share his journey. 


Hear first hand from Bailey about his experience, in this interview: 


Q: How long have you been with headspace Meadowbrook?

A: 5 months, I had an induction, with Michael and 2 weeks later I had a phone call from you guys. It was good because it was quiet and not too forceful. 


Q: What kind of employment have you been able to secure?

A: 6-month IT traineeship with Substation33.


Q: How have you found your transition into the workforce?

A: Really easy going. The site visit was straight in and out, but usually I would get anxiety. The staff at Substation33 are supportive and provide a safe space for the trainees to build trust, confidence, and socializing skills in the first 2-4 weeks. 


Q: What things have you learnt since starting traineeship? And how this improved your daily life?

A: I can leave the house, interact with other people, hold actual conversation with other people. I can take public transport to city, and monitor/ manage my anxiety. I have learnt to take hard drives apart and rebuild computers, coding skills and assisting other staff with presenting and demonstrating to groups visiting Substation33. 


Q: How has being part of substation improved in your daily life? 

A: I can actually have a life. Before I could never leave the house, now I can go anywhere and talk to random people that I would never have spoken to. I can hold actual conversation and be a person, instead of a recluse. I caught the train for the first time and kinda hated it, but after 2 minutes it was fine. 


Q: If I was to bring someone to visit Substation33, what would you say to that person?

A: Stick with it, it did work. 


Q: What would you say was good about the Work and Study program?  

A: That you care, instead of seeing a piece of paper. You listen to people. 


Our Work and Study Program

At headspace Meadowbrook, our Work and Study program assists young people to identify and reach their work or study goals.

Work and Study can help lead to improved mental health through increased connection, skill building, empowerment, increased resilience and improved confidence.

headspace Work and Study Program is completely free for young people. It's available as an additional service for anyone who's engaged in clinical services at headspace.

If you are looking for support to gain employment or further your studies, we're here to help.

Get in touch with headspace Meadowbrook on (07) 3804 4200 or email headspace.Meadowbrook@stride.com.au.


Thank you Bailey for sharing your story with us.