Left on Read- Tackle Cyberbullying Music Video

Left on Read Two Guys Poster 25 11 19 pic

More than half of young Australians have experienced cyberbullying. headspace Meadowbrook teamed up with a group of young people to create a music video to help tackle this growing trend.  

Research from headspace National Youth Mental Health Foundation has found that of those young people who experience cyberbullying in their lifetime, 70% also experience high or very high levels of psychological distress.  

About Left on Read 

Left on Read was a project lead by 8 talented young people who collaborated with headspace Meadowbrook, Crestmead PCYC and D4C Music, and funded by the Queensland Government, to create a song and music video to help tackle cyberbullying in our local community. They dedicated the song to anybody who has been cyberbullied, made to feel worthless or been “Left on Read”, the title of the song. The young people wanted to raise awareness that cyberbullying is not ok; it’s not simply a normal part of growing up and help is always available to make things better. 

Each of the young people (aged 12-17 years) participated in a 4-day workshop to develop the ideas and themes they wanted to present through the song and then wrote the lyrics, laid down the track, and recorded the vocals. The music video showcases the efforts and talent of the young people throughout the week. 

On Tuesday 10th December 2019 headspace Meadowbrook launched the Left on Read Tackle Cyberbullying Music Video. The launch event was attended by 50 young people, their families and friends and other supporters from local organisations. This was the young people’s first time seeing the music video- a very proud moment for everyone. Each person involved in the project received a little thankyou from the team at headspace Meadowbrook and a rad “Left on Read” t-shirt to remember the project. The music video has been viewed more than 10,000 times on our Facebook page, as well as shared on Instagram and YouTube. The video also is now part of our mental health literacy presentations when we go out to local high schools and talk about bullying. 

Check out the finished product below - such a vibe!