Kickflip Program Success!

headspace Meadowbrook recently completed our kickflip program, with 7 young people. The project was all about building resilience and young people were invited to paint a skateboard deck to show what this means to them. Designs ranged from rainbows and storms to warrior paintings.


The young people were asked to name their board and explain the meaning behind it. One young person wrote,

“My board represents determination, persistence and resilience with the storm leading into a rainbow, symbolizing that good can come from the worse. The board also symbolizes not giving up I showed this in the board getting more brighter with colorful paint. The left side of the board has a dark storm with lightening, followed by the right side being full of colours, symbolling the bright side. The moral of the board Is to try and see the bright/ light through any situation.”

See there board below…


Overall, the program was a success! When asked one young person said what they took away from the workshops was to Never give up! All the boards painted in the workshop will be displayed in the center, keep your eyes peeled for the wonderful creations !

headspace Woollongabba, Nundah and Ipswich programs are coming soon!