It's getting closer... and we need your support!


Want to look as amazing and green as these awesome people? If you've registered then you can pop into your local centre to get your singlet so that you can be part of the green scene this Sunday.


To register: 

1. Go to - and register under 'team' entering the team number:

  • For the 10k Team: 54563
  • For the 5k Team: 85985

2. When given the option to fundraise choose headspace Aftercare's Everyday Hero Page for Bridge to Brisbane:

When you select “Join Team” you will be invited to create your own supporter page, please set an aspirational and realistic fundraising goal for yourself.

3. Tell your supporters (family, friends, neighbours) what you're doing, why, and the effort you are putting in to support your important cause.   

4.  You can join our running club with Personal Trainer Colin, for free!! These take place on Thursday’s at headspace Meadowbrook from 4.30 to 5.30pm. (This is open to anyone, irrespective of age).  Email us at to confirm your spot.

If you are not a runner but would still like to show your support- we are looking for volunteers! Volunteer shifts are for 3 hours on the day of the event. Register here to volunteer or stay up to date:


Please let Anna know that you have joined our team ( or registered to volunteer!