Are you a hero? Support us in the upcoming Bridge to Brisbane!

Bridge to Brisbane is fast approaching and we are ready to get the green seen!

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Anyone can support our team to run Bridge to Brisbane and support Youth Mental Health. The green team will be out in force again to let young people know that there is somewhere to go when they are having a tough time. Please support our team and give generously so that we can continue to support our local communities!

There are a number of ways you can show your support...

1. Join our team!!

Go to - and register under 'team' entering the team number:

  • For the 10k Team: 54563
  •  For the 5k Team: 85985

When given the option to fundraise choose headspace Aftercare's Everyday Hero Page for Bridge to Brisbane:

  • When you select “Join Team” you will be invited to create your own supporter page, please set an aspirational and realistic fundraising goal for yourself.
  • Tell your supporters (family, friends, neighbours) what you're doing, why, and the effort you are putting in to support your important cause.

See below for handy step by step guides if you are stuck on any process!

Click here for Bridge to Brisbane registration step by step
Click here for Everyday Hero set up step by step
Click here for how to donate step by step


2. If you are not keen to run or walk- we are seeking volunteers!
Volunteers will be based in the finishing village and will hand out t-shirts to participants.
To register as a volunteer click here.

In addition to this, you can join us every Thursday (leading up to B2B) for running club! This is free and is a great opportunity to get fit and have fun!
Where? headspace Meadowbrook
When? Thursdays (leading up to Bridge to Brisbane only) from 4.30 pm - 5.30 pm
Who? Anyone! All ages welcome!

For more information, check out the attached flyer, or contact Anna(

Let's make it happen!