headspace reminds young people to look after their mental health as they receive exam results

This time of year can bring increased feelings of stress and uncertainty for many YP The end of school can be an exciting time – marked by celebrations, reflection and looking forward to new beginnings However many young people may worry at this time of year about:

· How their performance in exams will impact future goals,

· Transitioning out of school life and deciding what to do next/uncertainty about the future,

· Managing the expectations of others, including parents and teachers It may be confusing to feel anxious, overwhelmed or stressed during what is considered an exciting/joyous time, but it is a completely normal response to such a momentous life change. We also want to acknowledge that people graduating this year experienced additional challenges due to cost-of-living, natural disaster and Covid-19

· The way they work, study and socialise have all been disrupted at an important time in their lives, and in the lead up to their final year of schooling.

There are things YP and their family can do to look after their mental health if they aren’t happy with their exam results It’s hard not to be disappointed when you have worked so hard towards something, and it doesn’t pan out the way you’d hoped. We encourage young people to be kind to themselves at this time of year, regardless of the results they achieve.

· They should take the time and space they need to recharge

· Celebrate what they achieved

· Avoid the frenzy of discussing results if you’re not comfy doing so

· Consider the 7 Tips for a Healthy headspace – keeping active; getting good sleep, and maintaining social connections.

· Remember there are so many different pathways to get you where you want to be – keep an open mind Parents, families and friends can also be a big support for young people during this period of change by:

· Providing reassurance, support and perspective.

· Encourage young people to do things that promote a healthy headspace

For YP having a tough time, there is a range of supports available Young people having a tough time should reach out for support

· That might mean talking to their family, a close friend, or a trusted teacher.

· There are also professional services available, like headspace.

· headspace not only supports young people experiencing mental ill-health, but can also provide personalised support around work and study. The free and confidential W&S program supports YP to feel empowered, confident, hopeful about the worlds of Work and Study. The service connects young people with a Work and Study Specialist, who can guide the through process of:

· looking for and applying for jobs,

· writing a resume and cover letter,

· preparing for a job interview,

· exploring study options, enrolling in study,

· navigating community support services such as the Centrelink system, and so forth.

· And can connect you to mental health support along the way