The Push-Up Challenge

headspace Mackay - The Push-Up Challenge

The team at headspace Mackay are participating in the Push-Up Challenge. We have been busy smashing out the daily targets! ????
Did you know this year you can select which local centre receives the funds raised?
Our team are donating our funds to our very own centre to support the young people in the Mackay region! If you would like to make a contribution you can here:
Each day the Push-Up Challenge are sharing facts on mental health around young people ????
"Australian adolescents are not getting enough sleep on school nights, averaging 6.5-7.5 hours instead of the recommended 8-9. Survey results indicate that up to 66% of adolescents are experiencing symptoms of sleep disturbance, and rates of insomnia are very high in this age group. Not enough sleep can dull our positive emotions and make it more difficult to regulate our negative emotions. Poor sleep in adolescence can convey a higher risk of developing depression later in life. As well as putting down the electronics, some other suggestions to improve sleep include getting exercise during the day, drinking caffeine before lunch only, getting some sunlight every day, making sure the sleeping environment is dark and cool, having a set bedtime and getting up the same time every day." - Push-Up Challenge.

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