headspace Parent & Carer Info Night

28 Mar 2023

As our society becomes more aware of the importance of mental health, it is vital for parents and carers to have access to reliable information about mental health services available to them and their young people. Helping parents and carers to understand these resources and how to access them is key to promoting better mental health outcomes for our communities.

To this end, headspace Knox and Lilydale invited parents and carers from community events, local schools and council to attend a headspace open night hosted at Knox headspace discussing the ranges of services accessible through headspace.

At the information night, attendees heard from a range of headspace professionals about the different services and support systems available in our community. Some of the nights highlights included:

  • Meeting the headspace team 
  • Touring headspace Knox to see the facilities 
  • Watching headspace National Parent & Carer video's from the By Their Side Content Series 
  • Learning where & how you can access support to help your young person
  • One on One time with team members to ask any specific questions 

The information night also included a one on one question and answer session, so attendees had the opportunity to ask any specific questions about their individualised situations with young people and how headspace can offer support within this space. 

We thank those who came to the night and appreciate the feedback you shared below 

 'Your evening was so informative and helpful ... staff were amazing'          'Thanks, good information.'           'Your people are amazing and informative ... absolute life saver for me ... thank you to Nina'