Support outside the school system



For 16-year-old Amanda*, high school was no a longer place she wanted to be.

Facing bullies daily, she herself had begun to act up and was getting in trouble for disruptive behaviour.

Feeling down and disengaged, she spent her days at home, where her relationship with her parents began to disintegrate.

When she walked into headspace Kalgoorlie, Amanda was looking for ideas and alternatives. She wanted to finish her education, just not at school, and she wanted to find a job that would allow her to become more independent.

As part of the headspace Work and Study Individual Placement and Support program, our vocational specialist Gaby Clancy worked with Amanda to help her find a part-time role at a local retailer.

At work she has ongoing support from her employer and can call on her headspace youth counsellor for advice and guidance. She is developing crucial workplace skills and learning how to build professional relationships with colleagues.

With Amanda now in employment, our team worked with her and the school to secure her an exemption from attending school. She instead enrolled at the local TAFE, and is now completing a General Education for Adults Certificate II.

In preparation for her upcoming birthday, Amanda has also started driving lessons – she wants to get her licence as soon as she turns 17. Our team put her in touch with the Salvation Army, which offers driving lessons and logbook hours as part of its Drive for Life program.

Now engaged in work, education and a life skills program, Amanda is building confidence and growing in independence each day.

“I have really enjoyed being a part of the headspace Work and Study program. I have felt very supported in reaching my goals and I’m happy this program is available to young people,” she said.


*Name has been changed.