Casual work leads to new confidence

Working up the courage to go looking for a casual job was proving impossible for Chloe*.

Conflict at home and difficulties with a friendship group at school had eroded her confidence, and while she felt a casual retail job would help, she just didn’t know where to start.

Chloe originally came to headspace Kalgoorlie to get support around her friendships, but upon learning about the Work and Study Individual Placement and Support program, she was eager to take part.

As she was only 14, Chloe’s job options were also limited. She could only work after-school and on weekends, plus there was public transport to navigate.

To start, Gaby Clancy, one of our vocational specialists, brainstormed some potential job options with Chloe and then worked with her to create a resume.

The pair of them then visited a number of local retail businesses. Having one of our team members with her meant Chloe was able to find the confidence to approach potential employers and fill out job applications.

With the right support, Chloe found a casual job and began work, knowing that she was able to call on our team for advice and guidance at any time.

She saved her money and not too long ago, was able to use it during a summer holiday to Perth and Bunbury.

“I really enjoy being a part of the Work and Study program at headspace Kalgoorlie,” Chloe says.

“They take all your thoughts into account to find you the perfect job. I would definitely recommend this program to people that are having difficulty finding a job or just don’t know where to work.’’

* Name has been changed.