Join our term 4 groups!

Term 4 groups are back! We've got our regular hQ space, empower hour and SPARK! Check out our groups and workshops section to find out more!

As you may or may not be aware here at headspace Joondalup we have been running fortnightly groups using the Brief Interventions Toolkit from Orygen; called Empower Hour.

Well, we have revamped this to bring the community a new and improved Empower Hour weekly with redesigned material.

Every group is free and runs from 4.30-6pm and they do not need to be a young person of headspace to attend

Thursday 12th Oct: Worrier to Warrior-navigating anxiety with confidence: Join our "Worrier to Warrior" workshop at our headspace center. Explore anxiety, challenge thoughts, and learn empowering strategies in a supportive, peer-led environment guided by experienced counselors who share their own insights. Register now and transform from a worrier into a warrior!

Thursday 19th Oct: Be Beautifully You- embrace body positivity: We invite you to embark on a transformative journey towards body positivity. This empowering group offers a safe, nonjudgmental space for exploring body image issues and discovering techniques to embrace your authentic self. Through peer-led groups facilitated by experienced counselors who share their own lived experiences, you'll find connection, support, and invaluable insights. It's time to unlock the path to self-acceptance and confidence, so join us in embracing your unique beauty at 'Be beautifully You.

Thursday 26th Oct: Brave Against Bullying-building better behaviours: This workshop focuses on identifying various forms of bullying, sharing personal experiences in a supportive environment, and acquiring vital social skills to confront bullying. Led by experienced counselors who have overcome similar challenges, our peer-led groups employ interactive games and role-play to make learning engaging and effective. Together, we'll cultivate resilience and kindness, fostering a world where positivity triumphs. Don't miss this opportunity to boost your inner strength and be a force for good.

Thursday 2nd Nov: Rising Above-overcoming depression: Understand depression and its physical symptoms, share your experiences without judgment, and connect with peers to combat isolation. Led by counselors with lived experiences, this workshop incorporates games and role play for interactive learning. Gain essential skills to manage depression and discover the power of community support. Don't miss this chance to rise above depression—contact us for details and join us on a path towards healing and hope.

Thursday 9th Nov: From Fury to Flow-managing anger in healthy ways: Explore the physical aspects of anger, share your personal experiences, and learn valuable skills like distress tolerance through enjoyable activities. Led by experienced counselors with lived experiences, our peer-led groups utilize interactive games and role play to make learning engaging and practical. Join us on a transformative journey from fury to emotional flow, empowering yourself to handle anger in healthier ways.

Thursday 16th Nov: Solving Conflicts-building bridges: Join this group to master conflict management and distinguish between worrying and problem-solving. Led by experienced counselors who share their lived experiences, this workshop offers interactive games and role-play exercises for practical skill development. Open to all youth seeking better conflict resolution skills, it's a unique opportunity for personal growth and empowerment. Register now and enhance your relationships and conflict resolution abilities!

Thursday 23rd Nov: Zen Zone-calm with the chaos: In this transformative event, you'll learn grounding and breathing exercises, as well as traditional and non-traditional mindfulness practices to navigate life's challenges with serenity and resilience. Our peer-led groups, guided by experienced counselors, offer a safe and supportive environment for learning through shared experiences. Engage in interactive activities, games, and role-play exercises for a fun and effective learning experience. This workshop is for youth seeking stress and anxiety management tools, supportive friends and family, or anyone interested in enhancing their mental well-being.

Thursday 30th Nov: Boundaries that Build-healthy relationships: Whether you struggle with boundary setting or wish to improve your responses in uncomfortable situations, this workshop offers valuable insights. Led by experienced counselors with personal experiences, our peer-led groups utilize interactive games and role-play exercises to teach effective boundary-setting strategies and alternative responses. You can attend either in person or online, making it accessible to everyone. Don't miss the chance to empower yourself with the tools for healthier, more fulfilling relationships – register today as spaces are limited.

Thursday 14th Dec: Future Me-all the places we will go: If you're uncertain about your university choices, career goals, or need guidance on crafting resumes and cover letters, our expert team is here to assist. Join our interactive peer-led groups, led by experienced counselors who understand your challenges firsthand. Through engaging games and role-playing activities, you'll gain valuable life skills while connecting with like-minded peers. Don't miss this chance to unlock your potential and chart your course to success. Save the date, to secure your spot on the path to a brighter tomorrow!

Thursday 21st Dec: Mental Health Marvels-the journey thus far: As the school term concludes, we invite you to celebrate your accomplishments and recognize the challenges you've overcome. This workshop offers a concise overview of the topics discussed this term and includes snacks. Led by experienced counselors and peer facilitators with lived experiences, you'll engage in interactive games and role-playing exercises to enhance your mental well-being. Connect with like-minded individuals and build a support network as you gain valuable insights and strategies for your mental health journey. Don't miss this opportunity to learn, share, and celebrate your progress.