2023 headspace Day Celebration!

Celebrating Mental Health Month: A Recap of Headspace Day at Joondalup 

Every October health services across Australia, including headspace Joondalup celebrate Mental Health Month. At Joondalup's headspace center, we decided to wrap up this significant period with a special event: Headspace Day on Thursday, October 26th, from 3-5 pm.

Our decision to host the event on a Thursday was deliberate; it coincided with our SPARK and empower hour groups for young people. We aimed for an atmosphere that was welcoming and relaxed, encouraging youth to drop by the headspace center. Our intention was to keep it low-key yet impactful.

The main highlight was the creation and distribution of free self-care boxes for our visitors. Each box was curated with items inspired by the seven tips for maintaining a healthy headspace:

  1. Get into life: A Lush item and face mask.
  2. Learn skills for tough times: Small notebook and pen.
  3. Create connections: Pack of playing cards.
  4. Get enough sleep: Eye mask.
  5. Stay active: Sunglasses or a resistance band.
  6. Eat well: Muesli bar.
  7. Cut back on alcohol and other drugs: Water bottle or tea.

                                                                                   An example of one of the boxes 

We were very fortunate to have Lush Joondalup support our event by donating products for all the self-care boxes. These Lush products were definitely one of the highlights for the young people. In addition to these thoughtful packages, we had an array of delicious food - crackers, salami, fruits, vegetables, dips, muffins, cheese bread, and popcorn, creating a vibrant and inviting ambiance.

A large canvas adorned the space, featuring the question: "What does headspace mean to me?" Attendees were encouraged to express themselves using coloured markers, drawing or writing positive ways headspace has made a difference in their lives. The collective artwork from the event will be displayed in our waiting room, allowing others to witness the support and assistance headspace provides.

"What does headspace mean to me" artwork 

Overall, we were delighted to welcome 27 young individuals and families to headspace Joondalup. These attendees engaged in meaningful conversations about the seven tips for a healthy headspace, indulged in some delicious food, and contributed to our beautiful "What does headspace mean to me" artwork.

Conversations with both the young people and their parents were enriching and heartwarming. Their gratitude and appreciation for the items in the self-care boxes were evident, reflecting the positive impact such initiatives have on our community.

Headspace Day was a celebration not just of the event but also of the progress made in prioritizing mental health and supporting individuals in their journey towards well-being. It's moments like these that remind us of the importance of fostering a nurturing environment for mental health awareness and support.

Here's to continued support, growth, and positive change in our community's mental health journey!